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About Us

   We are proud to introduce our organization, OM SAKTHI GARMENTS a Government recognized Garments, started during the year 1996, manufacturer and exporter of Knitted and Woven Garments, is positioned in Tiruppur the Knit-city of india, passion for fashionable apparel production had grown as the trendsetter in spotting the up-to-the-minute technologies and implementing in its production for sustaining the client base accommodating to the transforming fashion.


Embodying as a leading crafter of modish apparel, Om Sakthi Garments, exerts to be at the apex position in the wide reaching global market by constant evaluation and improvement process with maximum quality and higher process returns each time.


Om Sakthi Garments, serves its products quality to be optimum in maintaining the global standards at each phase of our production trailing "Natural & Healthy Apparels" among the global market players.


Om Sakthi Garments, offers the best in quality goods with a comprehensive production set-up with high standards throughout the production process from yarn purchase till logistics, this extends to after sale service.

We celebrate success as one team. The company employees more than 30 skillful employes is in Admin, Sampling, Merchandising, Fabric, Production , Quality control, Document & Management staffs and wel trained technicians are more than 200 employes is in cutting, sewing, printing, embroidery & Garment washing peoples. The company cares for each & every employee and has in-built systems to recognize & reward them periodically.

Being in the Apparel industry have helped us to develop different fabrics and different products. The company’s Products are for


  • track pant
  • 3/4 th
  • Burmudas
  • T-shirt
  • ' V ' Neck
  • Rib Neck
  • Night suit


  • T.shirt
  • Rib Neck
  • Full pant
  • 3/4 th
  • Burmudas

All machines are latest state of the art brand new jukiidry head machines (oil free) with capacity to produce 4000 to 5000 pcs/day.

  • Design&Sampling
  • Spinning
  • Knitting
  • Dyeing
  • Finishing
  • Printing
  • Embroidery
  • Production
  • Accessories
  • Laboratery